For a little charge, households can update their gas or electric hot water system to an energy-efficient hot water heat pump. We are now able to provide our service for the delivery and installation of your new heat pump to qualified families at a greatly reduced rate, saving thousands in long-term costs. This is possible because to both State and Federal Government efforts. Your hot water running costs could be reduced by up to 70%!

Energy Efficient

Nearly a quarter of residential energy use goes toward heating water, which is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Heat Pump The efficiency of water heaters can be up to 70% higher than that of electric water systems.

Made for Australia

This heat pump has a broad operating temperature range with an ambient operating range of -7°C to +40°C. offers a variety of settings and operations to guarantee your hot water service uses the least amount of energy possible.

Reduced Operating Costs

Operating heat pumps is less expensive than using combustion-based systems.

Less Maintenance

Compared to combustion heating systems, heat pumps require less maintenance.

How Do Heat Pump Systems Work?

Heat pump water systems are, first and foremost, significantly more energy efficient than conventional hot water systems. This is due to the fact that they transmit heat from the air to the water using electricity rather than by producing heat themselves. They can therefore deliver the same quantity of hot water while consuming considerably less energy.