At Solaright, we are dedicated to addressing customer feedback promptly and efficiently.

1. Commitment to Resolution: We strive to resolve all customer complaints promptly, though
certain issues may take precedence over others. Our commitment extends to effectively managing
complaints related to solar system performance, service quality, employee/installer conduct, and
sales consultant matters.

2. Complaint Procedure:

  • Collection of Customer Details: Upon receiving a complaint, Solaright collects the necessary
    customer information including name, phone number, alternative email addresses, and specific
    details of the grievance.
  • Required Information for Complaints: Complaints should include details supporting the claim,
    such as breaches of warranty regarding component or installation warranties, along with any
    relevant documentation proving purchase and contact details.
  • Initial Response: We aim to identify the issue within a reasonable timeframe, typically within 5
    business days. Urgent complaints should be directed to the Administration Manager with the subject
    line “Priority Complaint” for immediate attention, with a response assured within 24 business hours.
  • Resolution Process: For issues concerning solar system functionality, an electrician will be
    dispatched within 36-48 hours of notification to assess the problem. We endeavour to resolve all
    complaints promptly upon identification. However, if further investigation is necessary, we commit
    to resolving the issue within 30 business days, providing updates to the customer within five working
  • Escalation Process: Unresolved complaints will be escalated to higher authorities based on the
    nature of the issue, with a commitment to resolution within 14 working days, unless extended due
    to exceptional circumstances. In such cases, customers will be informed of the delay and provided
    with a new timeframe for resolution, ensuring continuous updates throughout the process.
  • External Resolution Options: If dissatisfied with our resolution process, customers have the
    option to contact Fair Trading Department or relevant regulatory bodies such as the Clean Energy
    Council (CEC), NETCC Council. Contact details for Solaright and relevant authorities are provided

Solaright Office:

  • Phone: 1300 739 793 / 02 9756 5456
  • Email:
  • Website:

Department of Fair Trading:

  • NSW: 13 32 20
  • QLD: 13 74 68
  • ACT: (02) 6207 3000

Conclusion: Solaright remains committed to addressing customer complaints efficiently and
transparently, ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with industry standards.